Close Personal Protection And Life Support

GSC offers a number of CPP options depending on several factors including the area of operations, the potential threat to the client, the laws governing the area of operations, the tenure of the mission and the client's budget.

The CPP team can be made up entirely of international staff or a combination of international and well trained local staff.

GSC CPP teams are trained to operate in remote and urban environments and due to their detailed local knowledge and local language skills, excel at providing safe movement into and around Iraq.

Secure and comfortable villa or trailer accommodation with a comprehensive range of business and life support services including mobile and sat phone, internet and TV are available.

Facilities Protection And Loss Prevention

GSC staff are experienced in conducting facility security assessments in hostile environments and in the preparation and implementation of cost effective security and loss prevention plans.

Facilities secured to date include foreign embassies, government buildings, petroleum and gas pipelines and refineries and industrial complexes. Facility protection systems and technical consultancy we offer includes:

  • Assistance in design and construction to mitigate against blast, indirect fire and intrusion
  • Aesthetic or overt counter mobility defences
  • External lighting
  • Explosive detection equipment and X ray machines
  • CCTV - Thermal and day/night cameras
  • Smart fencing and electronic detector sensors
  • Biometric and electronic access systems
  • Safe rooms
  • Fixed site, mobile and roving patrol security.

Cash In Transit

GSC can move cash and other valuables securely and discreetly into and around Iraq, utilising helo and fixed wing aircraft and armoured road transport.

Port And Vessel Security

GSC is versed in the requirements of port security as stipulated by the International Maritime Organisations ISPS Code.

Working in close cooperation with port authorities and other stakeholders, GSC is able to provide effective port and moored vessel security measures including:

  • Smart security fencing and electronic access measures.
  • Manned entry/exit points.
  • Personnel identification and baggage checks.
  • Load searches and documentation verification.
  • Dockside and waterborne patrols.
  • CCTV systems.
  • Drug and explosive detector dog teams.
  • Vessel hull search.

Security Assessments And Risk Management

GSC has extensive experience in conducting physical and personal security assessments and risk management evaluations at the high end of the risk spectrum.

Working with our clients we then devise a workable, cost-effective, risk management and security plan that will significantly reduce your staff and property's exposure to risk.

Area Of Operations Security Briefings

GSC can provide pre-deployment and in-country security and cultural orientation briefings on your intended area of operations for your management and staff. For more detailed briefings containing analysis of the current political and economic situation, GSC utilises the resources of the world renowned Lowie Institute.

If the situation warrants, a CPP team can meet clients at our regional offices in staging areas such as Dubai, Jordan or Kuwait, deliver security and situational awareness briefings on your intended area of operations and then escort your staff to your secure operating base inside Iraq.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

GSC provides a wide range of HEAT packages for corporations, government and media organisations, NGO's, and small businesses working in hazardous locations.

HEAT can be conducted in-country or as part of your pre-deployment briefing process. Ask for more details on our HEAT training modules so that we can tailor a package specific to your needs.

Local Security Staff Training

GSC provides use of force, security procedure, firearms and tactics training for local CPP and facilities security staff.

Training can range from a basic introductory level through to advanced Close Quarter Battle scenarios and mobile CPP operations and driving skills.

Weapons training can cover the full range of Soviet and NATO small arms and MG.

Business Facilitation

GSC provides a range of security and business services to foreign companies seeking to do business in Iraq:

  • Business and security advice for clients prior to their arrival in Iraq.
  • Pre-deployment security, HEAT and cultural awareness briefings.
  • CPP and life support while in Iraq.
  • Comfortable and secure accommodation with phone and internet services.
  • Assistance with preparation of client visit schedules and appointment-settings.
  • Translators and facilitators to accompany clients throughout their visit.
  • Market research and local company partner search in commercial sectors

Liaison With Host Nation Agencies And Officials

GSC can prepare the way for your visit to Iraq by providing assistance with the following:

  • Establishing relationships with local authorities and agencies
  • Investigating local requirements for business entities
  • Securing accommodation and office/warehouse space prior to your arrival
  • Arranging initial meetings to facilitate your operational transition smoothly

Convoy Escort

GSC provides convoy escorts into Iraq from Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey and Syria as well as internal moves inside Iraq. By using a combination of military convoy escort tactics, covert scout vehicles and the extensive local knowledge of our staff GSC moves your personnel and goods to their destinations - safely and on time.

Our armoured and soft skin 4x4 vehicles fitted with HF and VHF communications as well as GPS tracking systems, allow constant monitoring and tracking of a convoys location and movement.

GSC can also provide transport to move your equipment and goods into and around Iraq. Large, secure storage facilities are also available for lease in main centres.