About us

Al Ghadeer Security Company (GSC) has operated in Iraq without interruption since 2004. GSC has the experience, past performance and capability (financial and compliance) to support commercial and government clients.


GSC is a 100 percent Iraqi owned private company, with Western expatriate management staff. It understands the local environment and the challenges associated with Oil and Gas, commercial and government operations. The long standing company ethos and understanding allows us to adapt our solutions to provide effective and compliant solutions to fit all client requirements. GSC adopts a low-profile, intelligence-led approach to protective services. The highly experienced Projects Management Team intimately understands the social and cultural complexity of Iraq and has regularly modified management and operational resources to best fulfil client requirements throughout changes to the political, operational and security environment. This approach has proved highly successful. Currently, GSC support clients with bespoke security solutions that include.

  • Mobile Security Teams – New model B6 Armoured and ‘soft skin’ fleet.
  • Private Security Details – Iraq wide
  • Static Guarding – including command and control
  • Convoy security and escort – fleet and response management
  • Centralised operational command – Group operations center

Truly International Company

GSC was conceived in Iraq and has adapted over the years in order to embrace the international dynamic of Oil and Gas operations within a challenging environment

GSC’s executive has made it clear that with the cultural understanding of the client, the location and management are paramount to the support to the project and therefore the success of the company. GSC has traditionally had Western Expatriate security managers and team leaders commanding Iraqi operators. The influx of International companies into Iraq has given GSC an edge in the ability to recruit, train and deploy vetted personnel into Iraq. The bespoke human resources strategy means that there are no cultural or language barriers in place through GSC and the client base which eases associated friction and enables the client to conduct their operations with less hindrance. With HQ elements located in Basrah, and Dubai, the GSC procurement and logistics chain is well poised in overwatch, ensuring that operational delivery in Iraq is the main focus.

Cost Benefits

GSC understands the commercial imperatives faced by all current and potential clients in Iraq, and through adopting a ‘teaming’ approach GSC aims to offer superior value and commercial flexibility. As an extremely financially sound company, GSC can confidently commit to mobilising new assets without any requirement for mobilization payments or unreasonably short payment terms. GSC is pleased to be able to offer a scalable ‘call-off’ style price structure, to allow customers almost total flexibility in adopting appropriate security profiles. While it is necessary for planning purposes to provide rates by project and team, GSC will assess the project in terms of the pool of resources required to support levels of activity, and provide our clients with the ability to increase or reduce those resources as is appropriate to the threat and the commercial environment.

Innovative Solution

GSC have now been structured to provide clients with an innovative, flexible and cost efficient security force, equipped and manned to protect and support Oil and Gas customers Iraq-wide. In consultation with project staff, GSC management will task organise assets to create a bespoke solution to meet the client business needs of that day. This will open up the information chain down to operators and up to overarching management in a timely fashion. GSC have ability to expand the project where necessary and swiftly.

Added Value

GSC has many value added services that we can incorporate into our service offering:

  • Access to a 200 man camp with an operations room, vehicle servicing centre and advanced trauma medical facility with a western trained doctor located 5Km from CNPC Rumailah Complex.
  • A fully equipped GSC training center for our Iraqi training and mentoring Program.
  • A digital intrinsically safe communications system that has been approved by the IOCs for use on the concessions thus meeting the HSE compliance that will be required going forward.
  • Standing fleet of 70 B6 Armoured vehicles, including ambulances, coaches, minibuses and pickups. The majority are new model Toyota LC.


GSC is part of a larger group which provides it with strong capital backing and access to finance. GSC can confirm it has adequate access to capital to support business expansions in Iraq without requiring any financial assistance or upfront payment.

International And Iraqi Compliance

GSC fully meets the International and national compliance requirements to support business operations in Iraq. GSC has signed up to the International Code of Conduct and is an ISO member. GSC has also enjoyed Highfield membership since its conception. GSC adheres to the laws of the land for Iraq and is licensed with the Ministry of Interior and the South and North Oil Companies. GSC pays Iraqi tax. Our clients will enjoy best practice, fully legally & contractually compliant, more reliable, more uniform, service delivery meaning the lowest possible operational and reputational risk for any client profile.